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Keramikmesser  Ceramic Knife

Experience the new cutting feel with a Ceramic Knife.

Developed for space research , Ceramic serves as a heat shield for the space shuttle when it returns to the Atmosphere.This Material made from  Zirconium Oxide powder possesses a very high abrasion resistance.  The Ceramic blades are made by heating (approx. 1800 degrees celsius) zirconium oxide micro crystals (1/1000 mm)  and extremely high pressure.
The hardness of this material is substantially higer than the best steel blade.  Only diamonds are harder.
The finely polished ceramic blades have an extremely dense and smooth surface.
Compared to other materials (for instance, steel), this leads to a very low friction resistance and thus results in an almost unbelievably clean cut.

- ceramic never rusts
- ceramic is completely dishwasher safe
- will not taint food with a metallic taste
- extremely light weight
- no spotting
- can withstand very high temperatures
- non magnetic
- friendly to skin
- hygienic and odorless
- ceramic blades are noncorrosive

- Ceramic resists high temperatures and is so hard that it can only be sharpened with a diamond.

- If you utilize the whole length of the blade, it's possible to achieve a clean and accurate cut without having to apply too much pressure.

"When you've got a ceramic knife in your hand, cooking is never dull."
"Due to their surprisingly light weight and extreme sharpness, you will experience a perfectly new cutting feel."

Our ceramic knives will help you experience a lot of fun and a remarkable relief in your everyday work.

With appropriate handling and use,  the blade rarely needs to be sharpened. Ceramic blades keep their sharpness about 10 times longer than steel blades.


Tips for Usage

When you use it appropriately they will last for a very long time.

More information and Tips of usage are enclosed in the package.

Sharpening Service

Ceramic Knives rarely need to be sharpened.They can only be sharpened with a diamond sharpener.

If necessary, please contact a specialist with appropriate equipment.

For sharpening please contact:

St. Trittler
Pliensauerstraße 44
D-73728 Esslingen
Tel.: 0711-357525
Email: St.Trittler@t-online.de




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