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Kyocera KT-300-HIP SASHIMI Knife

Total Length: 35 cm

This Knife is manufactured in Japan by experts to a large extent by hand. This knife has with a full 20 cm blade, the longest of all household ceramic blades in the world.  High quality Zirconium High Tech Ceramics manufactured exclusively by Kyocera's developed and patented method. The basic process calls itself HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing)  and the manufacturing pressure amounts of 20,000 tons per square meter (normal Zirconium ceramics uses approx. only 300 tons per square meter manufactured).  From this, an extremely high dense material results and thus increases the  sharpness life of the blade. Due to this method the blade is more stable compared to normal Zirconium Ceramic blades.

The blade is mirror polished by hand, after an old Japanese tradition. That makes the Kyocera KT- 300 HIP knife sought after by connoisseurs and professionals in the Japanese cooking tradition. This shape of the blade and that it is sharpened on only one side, made it work well in Japan for centuries for the preparation of Sashimi and other fish food.

The handle is made from high quality  Pakka Wood in Makassar optics with genuine rivets. Pakka wood is particularly good for every kind of household application,  because the pores are dense and so absolute hygiene is ensured after many years of use.


Worldwide Unique Ceramic Knife

Order Number: 900 

Delivery includes a wonderful wooden box in exclusive  teakwood optics.

Price: 900 € incl. 16% tax.


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